PSUGAsia 2013 Almost Here

Hello Attendees!

One more day to go and it’s conference day already!

Just a few reminders for our conference:

Schedule: I’ve attached the schedule and the course descriptions in this
email. Please have a look at it to prepare your schedule for the

One-On-One: We have consultation of experts through out the duration of
the conference. Once you register, you can schedule a time with one of the

Servers: We have 3 servers allocated for our training, so you can use
these servers for testing.

Dress Code: Casual Attire. It’s summer now in the Philippines so expect it
to be hot so wear comfortable clothes for summer.

(Paul Comments) It’s really hot. 30 degrees Celsius daily.

Laptop and Power: Please bring your own laptop. The power supply in
Philippines is 220V and the sockets are 2 parallel flat ones.

(Paul Comments) The hotel rooms have the round plugs too.

Currency: The currency in the Philippines is Peso (Php). You need peso to
pay taxis and buy stuff in Manila and Boracay. There are money changers
inside the Manila airports. There are also money changers in Boracay but I
think at the airport they have better rates.

(Paul Comments) The current hotel rate is 38.5 pesos (php) to the US dollar.
The banker exchange rate is 40.8 pesos to the US dollar.
The ATM here charges an extra 200php to use so bring lots of cash.

Language: People in the Philippines can speak English.

a. Between terminals in Manila: If you are transferring from one
terminal to another, use the yellow taxi just outside the arrival
area. These are metered taxis. The taxi fare is around Php200 to

b. Kalibo and Caticlan Airports: There will be banners to welcome
you in the airports. Please look for those banners and a Regency
Boracay staff will be there to assist you to your van or bus. The
PSUG Asia Team will be there as well.

c. Ferry Boats and Van to the Hotel: PSUG Asia Team and the
Regency Hotel will be there to Welcome and assist you.

Hotel and Conference Registration: There will be signs in the Hotel to the
registration table. We have speed check in registration table especially
for you!

Dinner Party: The dinner party is on the beach so feel free to dress up
for the occasion..:) This is the time to relax and have some fun!

Gadgets: Bring your camera and capture the moment! Boracay beach itself is
amazingly beautiful!

That’s all for now! See you in Boracay!
Arlette and Paul

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