PowerSchool 7.9 is Now Available!

At the next PSUGAsia we’ll definitely talk about database extensions if there is demand for this subject.

PowerSchool 7.9 is now available for download from PowerSource.

Introducing Database Extensions

PowerSchool 7.9 introduces the first phase of our migration away from legacy custom fields to the exciting new and modern Database Extensions. This feature will eventually replace legacy custom fields and will vastly improve overall application performance and scalability. This new feature supports one-to-one and one-to-many data as well as field data typing, and may be based on most database tables within PowerSchool. Over the course of the next year, you will also be able to migrate PowerSchool, state and province specific, and customer created custom fields to this new more robust technology.

PowerTeacher Gradebook Enhancements

PowerSchool 7.9 also introduces key new usability and grading options for teachers and administrators, including the automatic calculation of overall course grades directly from standards grades, and the copying of assignments and final grade setup across schools.

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • Health workflow improvements.
  • Repeated Course Grade Suppression Equivalencies.
  • Repeated Course Grade Suppression Policy Configurations.
  • New Group Function to allow legacy custom fields to be copied from a teacher’s Home School to their staff record.
  • PowerSchool API updates.

For detailed information about key items in this release, see the PowerSchool 7.9 Release Notesdocument available on PowerSource.

State Reporting Updates

This release includes the following state reporting updates:

  • Arizona State Reporting
  • Tennessee State Reporting

Upcoming Features and Fixes

Learn more about in-progress features and fixes on the PowerSchool Product Status page on PowerSource.

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