PowerSchool 7.8.2 Released

Pearson is getting faster at this ain’t they? PowerSchool 7.8.2 is now available for download from PowerSource. This release includes the following enhancements: Pearson Successnet/Successnet Plus – Log directly into Pearson Successnet and Successnet Plus using PowerSchool credentials. Quick Lookup – Section Room has been added to the Quick [Read More]

PowerSchool 7.8 Preview Available

Hot off the presses. PowerSchool 7.8 is Coming Soon! Preview Release Available! PowerSchool 7.8 is coming soon. This release contains several exciting new features including overall performance improvements, import/export enhancements, additional API resources, and the top-requested enhancement on PowerSource – a single teacher account across [Read More]

How to Trouble Shoot PowerSchool

As a new PowerSchool administrator. PowerSchool is an intricate system that has been developed over several decades with tens of different developers. Pearson is a huge company and their PowerSchool department probably has hundreds of employees support development, customer service, sales, training, and more. How [Read More]

List of New APIs systems for PowerSchool

I’ve been slowly researching options for greater integration with PowerSchool and other systems at our school without having to do tons of customization, time investment, money investment. The first one was a do it for you service called Level Data its pricey, but I think its [Read More]

PSUG Asia 2013 Is Complete

Thank you all very much for attending. I hope you all got home safely. We’re already in the process of planning for PSUG Asia 2014. You should have received an exit survey via email if you haven’t kindly email support {at} psugasia.com. [Read More]

PSUG Asia Day One Resources

Enhancement Requests – Add your votes to enhancements for International Schools. PowerSource Exchange – Interact with other customization experts. PowerSchool Product Updates – See what Pearson is working on to improve PowerSchool. The summer updates are exciting with potential: Teacher Unified Records – have one teacher teaching at [Read More]

PSUG Asia 2013 Underway

I’ll keep the website and twitter updated throughout the conference so please check back often. PSUG Asia is under way. Minus the minor brownout and lack of consistent internet connectivity. The conference has begun. If you have any specific questions, things we can improve, comments, [Read More]

Announcing PowerSchool 7.7

PS. 7.7 was released a couple of days ago. Here’s the official announcement form Pearson: PowerSchool 7.7 is now available for download from PowerSource. This release includes Incident import using the Data Import Manager, a new Data Export Manager with support for Student Email Export, PowerSchool API [Read More]

PSUGAsia 2013 Almost Here

Hello Attendees! One more day to go and it’s conference day already! Just a few reminders for our conference: Schedule: I’ve attached the schedule and the course descriptions in this email. Please have a look at it to prepare your schedule for the conference. One-On-One: [Read More]