List of New APIs systems for PowerSchool

I’ve been slowly researching options for greater integration with PowerSchool and other systems at our school without having to do tons of¬†customization, time investment, money investment.

The first one was a do it for you service called Level Data its pricey, but I think its well worth it. Our school (Seoul International School) has yet to go ahead with this solution. Our school is currently adding a new building and the IT costs for that building is substantial any new investment in terms of IT is currently on hold until the new building is complete.

One of the free services I’ve been testing is a service called Get Clever. They are still developing and the systems they do integrate with we don’t have. They also have a free iPhone app that helps download the entire contact list of students and parents from Power School into that app after a one time sync.

The one I just heard of today via Twitter via Paul Smith is something called LearnSprout. I just registered, but have yet to play around with it.

Every school has their own unique programs and systems. It’s challenging to integrate all of these systems into one cohesive ecosystem.

My ideal solution for our school would be the following systems to integrate seamlessly.

  • PowerSchool
  • Google Apps for Education
  • SNAP for Nurses
  • Follett Destiny
  • Atlas Rubicon
  • OD or LDAP server

What’s your list of systems you would want to integrate at your school?

Any developers out there?

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  1. Our technical teams are specifically focused on deep integrations with multiple SIS to application, application to application, and app back to SIS/Data warehouse/inBloom. We use a set of customized tools to go as deep with integration, migration as you need to go. Ping me and we can help.

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