How to Trouble Shoot PowerSchool

As a new PowerSchool administrator.

PowerSchool is an intricate system that has been developed over several decades with tens of different developers. Pearson is a huge company and their PowerSchool department probably has hundreds of employees support development, customer service, sales, training, and more.

How does one individual with more responsibilities that just PowerSchool have to do to get their problems solved?

This is what I do in order to figure out how to solve my problems with PowerSchool.

  1. I look into the default help documentation in PowerSchool. The help icon on the top right helps out and comes in handy.
  2. I look into Pearson’s PowerSource. Their search feature is sensitive. If you don’t type in the search phrase exactly the way it likes it. Even if it has an answer to solve your problems, its not going to show up. This has happened to me a couple of times.
  3. Then I go to the user groups and search there. The US National PSUG Group on Yahoo. I hope to also make this site a source for solutions as well.
  4. Now if its an urgent problem that I need to solve I just call Pearson’s PowerSchool Technical Support line. You should have received their phone number. You can find it in PowerSource. However, I call their international support line which is open from 5AM to 5PM PST.
  5. If its not urgent I email the PowerSchool support team and they typically get back to me within 2-4 days. Depending on the when I send it.
  6. Occasionally┬áif I really need quick help and I can’t call PowerSchool I contact Sheldon at Hong Kong International School. The dude is a wizard and thankfully much closer in time zones than the US West Coast.

This process solves 100% of my problems.

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