Power School

How to Trouble Shoot PowerSchool

As a new PowerSchool administrator. PowerSchool is an intricate system that has been developed over several decades with tens of different developers. Pearson is a huge company and their PowerSchool department probably has hundreds of employees support development, customer service, sales, training, and more. How [Read More]

PSUG Asia Day One Resources

Enhancement Requests – Add your votes to enhancements for International Schools. PowerSource Exchange – Interact with other customization experts. PowerSchool Product Updates – See what Pearson is working on to improve PowerSchool. The summer updates are exciting with potential: Teacher Unified Records – have one teacher teaching at [Read More]

Announcing PowerSchool 7.7

PS. 7.7 was released a couple of days ago. Here’s the official announcement form Pearson: PowerSchool 7.7 is now available for download from PowerSource. This release includes Incident import using the Data Import Manager, a new Data Export Manager with support for Student Email Export, PowerSchool API [Read More]

PowerSchool University Dates

Pearson’s PowerSchool University dates for 2013. PowerSchool University (PSU) 2013 Dates and Locations San Diego, California February 24 – 28, 2013 Anaheim, California June 23 – 27, 2013 St. Louis, Missouri July 7 – 11, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia July 21 – 25, 2013 Toronto, Ontario [Read More]