Announcing PowerSchool 7.7

PS. 7.7 was released a couple of days ago.

Here’s the official announcement form Pearson:

PowerSchool 7.7 is now available for download from PowerSource.

This release includes Incident import using the Data Import Manager, a new Data Export Manager with support for Student Email Export, PowerSchool API enhancements, enhanced PowerSchool/Schoolnet interoperability, as well as numerous key bug fixes. For Mac users, this version includes an option to configure the launch of PowerTeacher Gradebook using an alternative mechanism. This new option allows a teacher to launch the Gradebook when Java Web Start has been disabled.

For detailed information about these and other key items in this release, see the PowerSchool 7.7 Release Notes document available on PowerSource.

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Incident import with the Data Import Manager.
  • Data Export Manager with Student Email Export.
  • Option to configure alternate PowerTeacher Gradebook deployment for Mac.
  • PowerSchool API support for reading additional attributes in the Student Resource, the Current District Resource, and the School Enrollment expansion.
  • Access to test item details for the Schoolnet Classroom and Benchmark assessments.
  • Standards aligned view of the Schoolnet Classroom and Benchmark test results.

Key Fixes

  • Resolved an issue preventing individual or batch address validation.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the Seating Chart from loading in Internet Explorer 8 with certain zoom levels.
  • Resolved an issue where period names and abbreviations are missing on the live side after committing the schedule.
  • Resolved an issue where ReportWorks does not display grades data when in-between school years.
  • Resolved an issue where PowerSchool emails a student’s academic record to a teacher even if the option is disabled.
  • PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks applications now include an updated security certificate.

State Reporting Updates

This release includes the following state reporting updates:

  • Arizona State Reporting
  • State Reporting Platform
  • Tennessee State Reporting

Upcoming Features and Fixes

Learn more about in-progress features and fixes on the PowerSchool Product Status page on PowerSource.

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