Android Version 1.0 of PowerSchool for Parents and Students Apps Now Available!


The PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students mobile apps are now available for Android devices! Features include real time access to:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Assignments and Scores
  • Standards Progress
  • School Announcements
  • Teacher Comments
  • Grade Point Average
  • Lunch Transactions and Balance
  • Fee Transactions and Balance

Getting Ready for Mobile

If you have previously enabled access for iOS mobile devices, you are all set to use the Android apps. If not, make sure your schools are mobile-ready by completing the following checklist:

  1. Parent and student access are enabled on your PowerSchool server.
  2. Single sign-on for parents is enabled.
  3. PowerSchool version 7.2.3 (or higher) is installed.
  4. Your PowerSchool server is registered with PowerSource.
  5. Mobile settings have been enabled for each school.
  6. Each school calendar has been set with a “Type” and a “Note” for days when school is not in session.

For complete instructions on configuring your school for mobile access, download the Mobile Administration User Guide here.

For questions or feedback, visit the Mobile Solutions forum on PowerSource here.

Click here for a video tutorial to share with parents, demonstrating how to set up single sign-on.

Click here to download and install PowerSchool version 7.2.3 or higher.

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