Staff and Presenters


Arlette Pimentel – PowerSchool Administrator, Shanghai American School

Arlette has handled the Shanghai American School (SAS) database systems for the past six years. She was part of the implementation, data conversion, and migration from Admin+ to PowerSchool. She handles object reports, scheduling, set up, data management, and customization of pages in PowerSchool. Finance, re-enrollment process, transportation, health, and admission pages are just some of the customizations she created. Previously, Arlette worked as lead design engineer and programmer of integrated circuits for five years before SAS. She is the primary organizer for PSUG Asia since in 2011.

Barbara Brogoch – Registrar, Shanghai American School
Barbara Brogoch has been the working for Shanghai American School for 20 years now. On those years, she became a teacher, data administrator, Admission Officer, and Registrar. She’s an expert when it comes to data management, EXCEL, Pivot table, and PowerSchool. She was the main data administrator when SAS has Admin+ and part of the implementation process and transition of data from Admin+ to PowerSchool.

Sarah Vogel Senior Marketing Executive – Strategist, creator and implementer of strategic marketing programs for various service providers, ranging from business advisory firms to international schools. Entrepreneur and business developer with proven success in identifying market opportunities, defining marketing strategies, securing capital funding and negotiating favorable terms to achieve above-average performance. Recognized for a creative disciplined approach based on integrity, compliance and professionalism. Extensive knowledge of the international school communities in China with a well established network of industry contacts. She has been a marketing consultant and coordinator of PSUG Asia since the first conference.

Sheldon Wai – Academic Database Officer, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
Sheldon has moved to Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) in 2016 and is overlooking the migration from a previous SIS to PowerSchool. He looks after all technical aspects of PowerSchool from interfacing with other systems to building customizations. Prior to ISF, he was with Yew Chung Education Foundation for two years and Hong Kong International School for six years as their PowerSchool Administrator. Sheldon has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of New South Wales. Before entering education, Sheldon worked in a number of commercial companies as an IT support, Programmer, and Database Administrator. The knowledge from his previous positions allow him to create advanced PowerSchool customizations that go beyond what PowerSchool is designed to do out of the box.

Vinit Pathela – Currently as an Application Integration Head, I am required to have knowledge of most applications used in the industry. My job plays different role, like Consult / Train customers on School Management System, Business Critical Applications, and other technologies related projects, such as network setup, security setup, network / wireless setup. I am required to meet with clients in different fields of work and build the relations between IT department and all customers. Working to maintain relations and gather requirements and translate it into Business Case for customers and recommend suitable technologies to help the customer gain productivity.

Paul Kang – PowerSchool Administrator and IT Coordinator, Seoul International School
Paul Kang has been with Seoul International School since the beginning of 2012.  Paul is in charge of advising, strategic planning, implementation, and execution of all things technology related. Everything from managing servers to training staff members. Prior he was a college counselor and English teacher. Paul enjoys learning, photography, and everything tech.

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